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Thompson Automation & Specialty Services
Thompson Automation and Specialty Services

Who is Thompson Automation?

We hear it every day; “Thompson is knowledgeable, dependable, reliable, and timely”.  These adjectives are not the difference between Thompson Automation and others but rather the foundation from which Thompson customers come to expect great service and results.  The Thompson promise to our customers is customer satisfaction, every product, every project, product, service and contact.   

Thompson Automation is not about “products” and fitting you into the mold of what the “system” will do rather we spend our time fitting the best solution around your needs.  This is something that we at Thompson have been doing for more than 80-years, crafting custom solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. It doesn’t start with a product or particular equipment manufacturer; it starts with a business partner that understands your business and how automation can help you in your business.  

Easy or hard, big or small, there is not much that the controls and automation experts at Thompson Electric haven’t see and even less that they are intimidated by.  The Thompson Automation team has subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields from manufacturing, agricultural processing, water and waste water handling, and even areas of expertise like IIOT, SCADA and remote monitoring, and connecting control systems with IT infrastructures.

Not only is Thompson one of the more experienced and solution oriented controls and automation partners they are also one of the largest regional electrical contractors in the Midwest.   One partner for both your electrical and your controls & automation needs.  Whether a major design/build project or an important service call, with Thompson there is no finger pointing, just results.  

Thompson Automation and Specialty Services: Providing controls & automation support and specialty electrical services to help our customers operate their facilities efficiently, in compliance with government and safety standards, their electrical systems running at optimal energy efficiency levels, and helping them reduce their ever-growing energy costs.

Services include: Arc Flash Risk Assessment, Breaker Testing and Coordination, Risk Mitigation, Controls and Automation, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Electrical Preventive Maintenance, Power Back Ups, Solar, Lighting Retrofitting, Energy Financing and Performance Guarantees.